Agricultural equipment challenges its components with weather, dirt, vibration, and temperature. Those are facts, not excuses. That’s why you’ll find Quick Cable components wherever agricultural equipment is serviced, because timing is everything. When you have to plow, plant and harvest you don’t get to pick a convenient time—you have to work when you have to work. Quick Cable wire, cables, battery connectors and lugs, loom and heat shrink, crimpers and cutters, jump packs, battery boxes, trays and hold-downs are all mission-critical agricultural equipment components. That’s why OEM, authorized service and independent shops specify Quick Cable when performance is not an option.

Jump Packs

Our 2000 dual battery model delivers both 12 and 24V power with polarity and voltage protection.  More >>

Heat Shrink

Heat shrink tube is important for many reasons.  It protects connections from corrosion.  Color coded shrink tube can help identify polarity.  It acts as strain relief on connections helping them last longer over time.  More >>

Primary Wire

Primary Wire comes in 8 standard and additional custom colors from 22 to 8 gauge.  Available as general purpose, SXL cross linked, TEW wire, and in multi-conductor flat jacketed and parallel bonded configurations.  More >>

Battery Tools

Whether you need to fill, test, clean, carry, or tighten down or adjust the clamps on a battery Quick Cable is your tool headquarters.  More >>

Compression Connectors

The original Quick connectors.  Strip the cable, slip on the compression nut and tighten.  That's all there is to it--a perfect solution to field repairs, and custom cable assembly.  More >>
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