Standby Power & Power Generation

Standby Power and Power Generation

Standby power systems mean battery backup, and nobody is better equipped to help maximize the potential of standby power systems than Quick Cable.  Whether your system calls for battery boxes or racks, enclosures, available spill kits and acid containment, we have the solutions.  Quick Cable is the first choice for cables and wires, connectors, cable management products and tools for heavy-duty battery installations for critical standby applications.  Emergency power has to be available in an emergency.  That’s why engineers specify Quick Cable components in critical systems. View our newest DC Stored Power Catalog!

Battery Racks

for battery arrays make it easy to connect, maintain and monitor your backup power systems. More >>

Containment Systems

are important to your backup battery array.  Quick Cable containment systems are designed to fit our battery racks and we can custom configure to any unique installation. More >>

Spill Kits

are important to have on hand if you have battery installations.  Complete kits offer worker protection and everything you need to neutralize and clean up an acid spill. More >>

Bulk Cable

is available in a wide range of gauges and types for your power installation--connecting to battery systems and back to power distribution centers. More >>

MagnaLug Connectors

are 100% copper, tin plated, and ready to use on heavy-duty high-demand installations.  Quick Cable makes them in North America using the finest methods and materials. More >>

Cable Management

help you keep your cable runs tidy and safe.  A variety of clamps, cable ties, and sheathing to solve virtually any installation issue. More >>