Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy, Wind & Solar

Wind and solar energy differ from conventional power generation because they deploy power in various ways: to the grid, to battery storage systems, or both.  Nobody knows more about connecting to energy storage and recovering stored energy with engineered cables, connectors and purpose-built battery storage systems than Quick Cable.  If you need to fabricate cables in the field, we have the components—the appropriate gauge cable, matching connectors, shrink tube and tools to put them all together.

OEM’s and large service contractors also benefit from our custom cable capabilities—we build what you need to your specs and in your volume.  To maximize the potential of your alternative energy installation—and to stand up to the unique environmental challenges—rely on Quick Cable to help you with the highest quality and best designed products available.

Home Run Jumpers

Whether you need PV cable and connectors for a solar array or you're looking for heavier cable to run from combiners to distribution boxes, Quick Cable is your most important cable source.  More >>

Branch Interconnects

are 100% copper, tin plated, and ready to use on heavy-duty high-demand installations.  Quick Cable makes them in North America using the finest methods and materials. More >>

In-line Fuses

Heat shrink tube is important for many reasons.  It protects connections from corrosion.  Color coded shrink tube can help identify polarity.  It acts as strain relief on connections helping them last longer over time.  More >>

PV Tools

Quick Cable tools are the answer for all DC cable stripping and crimping requirements. Call our customer service for up-to-date product information.

Combiner Box

Quick Cable is your source for 3, 6 and 12 string combiner boxes as well as all of your PV cable and connector needs.  Need something bigger--custom configurations are available. Call our customer service for up-to-date product information.

Photo Voltaic Connectors

Quick Cable has the MC3 and MC4 connectors you need as well as a complete selection of all popular adaptors for original installation or system service. Call our customer service for up-to-date product information.

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