UL Standards for Safety

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards for Safety

Many Quick Cable products are UL listed but what does the UL mark actually mean?
As one of the most recognized, accepted and trusted symbols in the world, it means that a not-for-profit, independent laboratory has tested samples of the product to see how it stands up to safety requirements as well as periodic checks of our facility to ensure products are being manufactured in a safe environment.
Who is Underwriters Laboratories (UL)?
In 1894, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization was formed to help reduce injury, loss of life and property damage. Today, UL scientifically investigates and tests thousands of products, materials, constructions and systems and has developed more than 1000 Standards for Safety. These Standards for Safety are to help insure public safety and confidence, reduce costs, improve quality and market products and services. Millions of products and their components are tested to UL’s rigorous safety standards with the result that consumers live in a safer environment than they would have otherwise.
Why is the UL Mark so important?
Quick Cable feels third-party product safety certification is important.  UL's not-for-profit, indepedent status allow it to be unbiased in determining whether or not our products meet recogized safety standards and UL's technical expertise insures the most thorough testing processes available will be administered.

Is UL testing required by law?
Manufactures can submit products to UL for testing and safety certificationon a voluntary basis. It is not required by law but like you, Quick Cable is dedicated to safety. The UL Standards are just one of many standards the Quick Cable products meet or exceed to insure you are getting a quality product, a safe product and one that will last.
Look for the UL Logo in our catalog next to the items that have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.