(Newspaper Excerpt from the Milwaukee Sentinal, October 24, 1949)

Vets Turn War Dream Into Booming Business

Battery Patents Boost Profits

KENOSHA, Oct 23 - (Special) - During the fighting in World War II countless thousands of servicemen dreamed of their return to civilian life and spent long hours planning their future.

In Kenosha, two of them have converted their dreams to reality.

Jack Shannon, formerly a Marine Corps flying officer in the Pacific Theater; Bob Schmidt, a fighter pilot with the Ninth Air Force in the European Theater, after the war and a short stay in their home city of La Crosse, moved to Kenosha to establish the Great Lakes Battery Co.

Operations started in June, 1946, with a total personnel of two, Shannon and Schmidt. Now the firm employs 17 besides the owners, and in its 40 months of operations has turned out 50,000 units for cars, trucks and tractors.

The two revealed that in their first six months of manufacturing 12,000 batteries were produced and sold, in the next year 20,000 batteries and more than 6,000 have been made this year with the busy season still to come.

Jobbers and dealers in five Midwestern states – Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, and Minnesota – are handling the product of the Kenosha business. Florida and Missouri distribution is scheduled for the immediate future.

Dissatisfied with the simple production routine of making batteries, Schmidt and Shannon have developed a new type cover with non-corroding terminal posts. To supplement that advance, the two Kenoshans have devised a separator stacker machine which speeds production. The new machine has proven so successful that orders for duplicates have been received from as far away as Australia. Schmidt and Shannon hold patents on their new type cover and on the stacker machine.

(End of 1949 story)


A Manufacturer with Over 50 Years Experience in the Battery Industry



In 1946, Quick Cable began its life as a manufacturer of lead-acid batteries located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. While the company no longer manufactures or distributes batteries, the focus of its business is still on battery-started or battery-powered equipment, although in today's world the definition of battery includes fuel cells, alternative forms of energy such as solar or wind, and many other chemistries besides lead-acid.

Quick Cable continues to supply battery component parts to many battery manufacturers, including four of the five largest battery manufacturers in North America. Quick Cable participates in discussions concerning future battery technologies, including how batteries are made and how, ultimately, they are connected and used in industry.

Today more batteries are used in more applications, often mission critical applications - than ever before. Batteries are used to back-up essential communications and computer systems. Batteries are used to start emergency and rescue equipment. They are vital for the steady flow of products through our distribution systems, via commercial trucks, warehouse equipment, ground support equipment, and others.

Quick Cable products connect a power source to a piece of equipment. We make electrical connectors, cable assemblies and wire cutting and crimping tools.

Our emphasis is on engineering the right connector for a particular application; building it to the proper engineering specifications, so that the customer enjoys reliable performance and long service; and delivering customer requirements on time.

Our facility is ISO registered, your assurance of consistent quality. Our products are made to SAE specifications and have been tested by and listed with Underwriter's Laboratories.

We have two manufacturing facilities, one in Franksville, WI, just west of Racine, Wisconsin, between Milwaukee and Chicago, the other in Mississauga, Ontario, just west of Toronto.

Our employees are knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and fast - and desire above all else to earn your continued respect, trust and business.