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Our Mission

Drive our customers' success through our leadership and innovation in the DC Electrical Industry.
Our Vision
Be the most trusted partner of choice for our customers.  Create significant long-term improvements in our industry.
Company Profile
QuickCable is the leading domestic manufacturer of connectors, cable assemblies, and tools in the DC Electrical Market. Our components, cable assemblies, and accessories are used wherever high performance and reliability are critical. You will find our products in Commercial Vehicles, Construction, Aviation Ground Support, Agricultural, Material Handling, and various other commercial and industrial equipment.

We engineer and manufacture in the United States, have a strong presence in Canada, and distribute globally. Our valued workforce is committed to our customers' success through innovative products, custom solutions and superior service.

Customer Service and Industry Leadership
QuickCable maintains three websites, each focused on different areas of our customer’s needs.
Quickcable.com is our primary site.  In addition to an overview of the company and an up-to-date full-line catalog of products, the site allows registered customers to order online, view to order history, part drawings, sales aids and training tools.
QuickHowTo.com is our public training site, hosting brief, organized, searchable videos and documentation, promoting best practices in our industry. The site teaches proper and safe use of products. The site is available 24/7 for customers and end-users.
QuickFigurator.com is a unique online engineering application for customers needing custom products such as cables.  Using the configurator, a customer can specify the cable, connectors, and protective products, create a printable drawing, and transmit the specifications to us for an almost instantaneous quotation.
Brands (principal registered trademarks)
Rescue SMART®
Engineering and Quality Assurance
Superior products start with superior engineering. QuickCable’s experienced engineering staff uses the latest technology and testing protocols to create products that are reliable, durable, and will perform to the standards you need, or to standards such as UL or SAE that are required. If you need assistance with something that you're working on, or if you have questions about the use or design of our products, our engineering team is here to help. For OEM's, we regularly provide PPAPs and FMEAs as well as other certificates of compliance.

Quick Cable is a basic manufacturer, with core processes including non-ferrous metal casting, stamping and machining, wire and cable assembly, and plastic molding.  We also, per customer specification, modify existing products or design new ones.  Process testing, including pull-test, voltage drop, environmental and corrosion testing, support our manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada.  We have been ISO registered since 1999, and we are currently registered to ISO 9001:2015 standards, certified by Intertek. 


Our manufacturing group has three fundamental goals:  to maintain consistent reliable quality; to continuously improve all processes, leading to lower costs and even more reliable products; and to ship orders on time. 

Customer Service and Support
We understand that you need an efficient and effective procurement process, which is why we offer several ways to find product information and to place orders.  Orders can be placed on our e-commerce site, by EDI, fax, voice or mail.   Our cataloging, either in print or online, will help you find the right product for your job.  Our product offering is the broadest and most comprehensive in the industry.   If you need help, call us.  Customer support begins with our team of sales professionals and customer service representatives. We support you and your industry. 

Online you’ll find immediate and easy access to standard requests such as SDS, part drawings, part specifications, downloadable instruction manuals, and an extensive library of how-to videos.  We always welcome your feedback as to other services or products that you would find of value.      
QuickCable Corporation
3700 Quick Drive
Franksville, WI  53126  USA

Contact Us
For Sales and Customer Service
     Phone 800-558-8667
     Fax      800-733-8611

For all other inquiries (administration, purchasing, etc)
     Phone 262-824-3100
     Fax      262-824-3199

QuickCable Canada
     Phone 800-728-1742
     Fax      905-362-1614

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