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Automotive Battery TesterBuss Chargers

The BusPro series chargers are completely automatic buss chargers with advanced circuitry that enables independent station charging in sets of three (3) or six (6) stations. These chargers utilize individual transformers and microprocessors for both low and high volume battery charging applications. Each channel works independently to charge the battery correctly and in a timely manner. Micro controlled pulse currents remove sulfation and prevent overcharging of batteries.


  • BUSPRO-360, BUSPRO-361, BUSPRO-660 and BUSPRO-662 are optimized smart models that are overcharge sensitive specifically for AGM batteries

  • Stations can be doubled up to increase charge current (5 to 10 amps /10 to 20 amps)

  • Each unit features two (2) LED lights per channel that indicate connections, charge status or error codes

  • Includes heavy duty wall mount brackets and 72" lead

  • 5 amp or 10 amp DC output

  • 120V or 220V AC input 

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  Description Part No.
3 Station charger, 5 amp/station, 120V, AGM BUSPRO-360
3 Station charger, 10 amp/station, 120V, AGM    BUSPRO-361
6 Station charger, 5 amp/station, 120V BUSPRO-600S
6 Station charger, 5 amp/station, 220V  BUSPRO-620S 
6 Station charger, 5 amp/station, 120V, AGM BUSPRO-660
6 Station charger, 5 amp/station, 220V, AGM BUSPRO-662

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