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Customer Service
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Kits Solderless

Clamps & Lugs Solderless Terminal Kits

Gardian, Premium Nylon, PVC

Our Gardian solderless terminals offer high quality, heat shrink insulation, perfect for auto, truck, bus, agricultural, construction, or industrial applications. Our Premium Nylon solderless terminals are designed for heavy duty applications such and superior performance. Our PVC solderless terminals are perfect for general applications, and the ridged PVC sleeves offer improved abrasion resistance.

Heat Shrink Gardian Gardian Solderless Kits
Premium quality heat shrink solderless terminals for use in demanding auto, truck, bus, agriculture, construction or industrial applications. More >>
Premium Nylon Kits Premium Nylon Solderless Kits
Designed for heavy duty applications and superior performance. Tin plated annealed copper for improved corrosion resistance, max conductivity, and crimp strength. More >>
PVC Solderless Kits PVC Solderless Kits
Quality terminals for years of dependable service. Tin plated annealed copper for improved corrosion resistance, max conductivity, and crimp strength. Ridged PVC sleeves for improved abrasion resistance. More >>
Fusion Solder Kits Fusion® Solder Butt Connector Kit
Soldering combined with heat shrink tubing in one step. More >>


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