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Fine Stranded Battery CableFine Stranded Battery Cable

Superior, high performance battery cable for auto/truck, marine, industrial and back-up power applications

  • Fine stranded, annealed bare copper wire
  • Maximum conductivity
  • Oil, water, acid resistant (SGT) thermoplastic rubber compound
  • Water resistant safety insulator/separator for additional protection against corrosion or cut through
  • More flexible than standard battery cable
  • Temperature rated -50C to +105C (221F)
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility
  • High resistance to UV light and ozone exposure
  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • Meets SAE J378C/J1127
  • Meets UL 62 for SJE, SE, and SEO
  • Applications: Battery cable, jumpers, starter, ground, marine rating


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Gauge Black Red
6 201702 201802
4 201703 201803
2 201704 201804
1 201705 201805
1/0 201706 201806
2/0 201707 201807
Fine Stranded Battery Cable Fine Stranded Battery Cable Fine Stranded Battery Cable Fine Stranded Battery CableClick to enlarge.

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