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Rescue® 2120 Portable Power Pack (Discontinued)

• 12/24V power
• Dual 12-Volt 22AH high output AGM batteries
• 4400 12V peak amps
• 2000 24V peak amps
• Built-in, CEC compliant, 1 amp internal charger
• 2 gauge 100% copper cables
• Digital battery voltage gauge reads internal and external
• 12V power outlet
• Work light and flasher
• Battery charging status
• Professional quality
• USB® power outlet

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The Rescue 2120 is a dual voltage (12v/24V) portable power pack designed specifically for providing jump starting power to light aircraft using Cessna or Piper style connections. It can also be used to jump start motor vehicles and equipment.
 The advanced analytical display on the membrane panel provides user feedback on the state of the external battery to be jump started as well as the batteries inside the Rescue 2100. An all-new digital battery meter displays both internal and external battery voltage, and indicates recharging and fully-charged internal batteries. LED’s signal system voltage selection, low internal battery voltage, low voltage situations and reversed polarity. A 12V cigarette-style power outlet protected by an internally-resetting 15 amp circuit breaker, and a USB® charging port are both provided. A selectable worklight/safety flasher is built in.  Like all Rescue portable power packs, the 2120 comes with a built-in battery charger. The cables are all-copper welding cable to stay flexible even in subzero temperatures and feature heavy duty parrot clamps. With 4400 peak amps at 12V, the 2120 offers a powerful jump starting package in a convenient, hand-carried unit. 
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2100 12/24V Dual Voltage/Commercial w/ Polarity and Voltage Protection
Gauge Length Battery Capacity Peak Current Part No.
2 62" 2 Batteries Each 22 Amp Hr. 4400 amp (12V)
2000 Amp (24v)
Rescue Cart
Description Part No.
Steel Rescue® Cart for Models 950-2600 604090

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