Clamps & Lugs Fusion® Solder MagnaLugs®

Solder and Flux Preloaded in Barrel

Fusion Connectors Come Ready-To-Use.

Our Fusion solder connectors change the game. You used to have to clean, flux, and add solder. Our Fusion products have the flux and solder built in so all you add is heat to get a strong, vibration and corrosion-resistant joint that's 70% stronger than a crimp connection. 

Straight Lugs Straight Fusion MagnaLugs
Starter and ground Fusion MagnaLugs in multiple gauges and stud hole sizes. More >>
Elbows Elbow Fusion MagnaLugs
Fusion MagnaLug Elbows with a 3/8" hole. Elbows are shaped left and right. More >>
Locking Lugs Locking Fusion MagnaLugs
Straight Fusion MagnaLugs formed specifically for locking. More >>
Butt Splice MagnaLug Butt Splice
Fusion MagnaLug b bbbbutt splices for joining two cables together. More >>


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