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Customer Service
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Cable Cutters QuickCutter 2QuickCutter Cable Cutters

  • Handheld and bench-mount models
  • Bench mount also attaches to wall, service truck, etc.
  • QuickCutter 500 cuts cable up to 500 MCM
  • QuickCutter 250 cuts cable up to 250 MCM
  • 22" overall length for QuickCutter 250
  • Blades made of 1075 carbon steel, hardened for long life, can be resharpened
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Click on the part numbers for more information

Description Part No.
QuickCutter 250 Hand-Held Heavy Duty Cutter 4285
QuickCutter 250 Bench-Mount Heavy Duty Cutter 4285M
QuickCutter 500 Hand-Held Heavy Duty Cutter 4287
QuickCutter 500 Bench-Mount Heavy Duty Cutter 4287M
Cable Cutters QuickCutter 2 Cable Cutters QuickCutter 2 Cable Cutters QuickCutter 2 Cable Cutters QuickCutter 2 Click to enlarge.

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