Battery IsolatorsBattery Isolators

  • Ideal for marine, RV, automotive, and commercial applications
  • Allows for simultaneous battery charging of a multiple battery system
  • Isolates batteries to insure power to start your vehicle
  • Reliable solid-state circuitry
  • Sealed to protect against oil, gas, salt, water, and harsh environments
  • Temperature range -40ºF to 250ºF (-40ºC to 121ºC)
  • Use with multiple battery charging systems
  • For wet cell or gel cell batteries, all batteries must be same type to prevent damage

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Description Amps # Batteries Part No.
Standard 70 3 303300
Delcotron 90 2 303301
Schottkey 100 2 303302
Standard 120 2 303303
Delcotron 140 2 303304
Schottkey 180 2 303305
Delcotron 200 2 303306
Types of Isolators
Delcotron (12 - 36v) Use with General Motors alternators for 1985 and newer vehicles that require an extra ignition connection terminal.
Schottkey (6 - 36v) Use a Schottkey diode to reduce radio frequency interference and to minimize voltage drop. Complies with Fed. Spec. KKK-A1822C.
Battery Isolators Battery Isolators Battery Isolators Battery Isolators Click to enlarge.