Racks and Enclosures

Racks Rack and Complete Cable Kits 

Battery racks have to carry heavy loads, adapt to various batteries, accommodate charging and monitoring systems, fit into enclosures when codes require, and have compatible containment systems. Our rack is engineered with modular components so you don't need a degree to put it together, plus it is easy to expand back to back or side to side. It adjusts easily for different battery sizes.

Battery rack Battery Rack

Designed for popular batteries used in stored electrical energy, this sturdy steel construction is polyurethane powder coated to reduce rust and corrosion. More >>

Cable Kits Complete Cable Kits
Cable kits designed to facilitate series interconnections with batteries in battery racks. Connect batteries adjacent to each other and on different levels. More >>

Quick Cable Battery Racks

Acid Containment System Configurator