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When it comes to battery racks and enclosures, most people have one simple request: make it easy. Quick Cable does. Our rack is engineered with modular components so you don't need a degree to put it together, plus it is easy to expand back to back or side to side. It adjusts easily for different battery sizes. When used with our seismic kit, the rack is certified for use in Zone 4--the highest available rating. Our enclosure is custom designed to fit our rack, and we offer custom and stock containment systems that are easy order, easy to install, and easy to fit under our rack or your existing ones.

Racks Rack
Battery racks have to carry heavy loads, adapt to various batteries, accommodate charging and monitoring systems, fit into enclosures when codes require, and have compatible containment systems. That's what we think at Quick Cable, and this is  the product that work. More >>
Enclosures Enclosure
When code and safety requirements include battery rack enclosures, Quick Cable integrated rack and enclosure systems are the answer. Our nonconductive enclosure combines easy access, security, and are designed for proper venting and containment systems. More >>

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