Extended-Duty Wheeled Models

Heavy Duty Extended-Duty Wheeled Models

Our Rescue Portable Power Packs are the most trusted in the industry because they can stand up to the most brutal conditions to keep your vehicles and machinery running. With our new line of Extended-Duty Wheeled Models, we've set the bar even higher. The seven models from which to choose are:  
Rescue® 6000 Brute Power 12/24 Volt, a wake up call for the toughest diesels
Rescue® 5000 Heavy-Duty 12/24 Volt, for trucks and construction equipment
Rescue® 5020 Heavy-Duty 12 24 Volt, for Aero applications & FBO's
Rescue® 4000 & 4050 12 Volt Auto/Light Truck, for parking lots, garages and auto dealers              
Rescue® 4000HD & 4050HD 12 Volt Auto/Light Truck, an upgrade to the 4000 & 4050 models, for parking lots, garages, and auto dealers 

Rescue 4000 Wheeled Models Rescue 4000 Series Wheeled Models 
Perfect for parking lots, garages, and auto dealers. More >>
Rescue 4000HD Wheeled Models Rescue 4000HD Series Wheeled Models 
Heavy duty upgrade to the 4000 Model. Perfect for parking lots, garages, and auto dealers. More >>
Rescue Brute 6000 Rescue 5000-6000 Series Extended-Duty Wheeled Models 
Extended-Duty Wheeled Models: for diesels, construction equipment, aero, and FBO. More >>



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