Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters Cable Cutters

Little things mean a lot when you're dealing with professionals, and that's why Quick Cable pays attention to details and builds our own cable cutting tools. The way to make sure that cutters work easier, cut better, and last longer is to make them yourself. Our QuickCutter 1 cuts up to 2/0 cable; for cable up to 250MCM (6/0) use our QuickCutter 250 and for 500MCM cable use our QuickCutter 500--we have both hand held and bench mount models. Blades are 1075 carbon steel and can be resharpened.  

Quick Cable Cutter QuickCutter 1
Small enough to fit in a tool box and tough enough to cut 2/0 cable, the QuickCutter 1 is a must-have cutter for almost anyone in the wire and cable business. More >>
QuickCutters QuickCutters
Our QuickCutter 250 and QuickCutter 500 make it easy to cut large cable, and like all of our tools are made in our factories in North America. Hand held and bench mount models are available. More >>
Adjustable, Close Quarters, Ratcheting 500 MCM Cutter Adjustable, Close Quarters, Ratcheting 500 MCM Cutter
Perfect for cutting single-strand, multi-strand, fine-wire aluminum, and copper cables. The two-component handles can be adjusted based on working conditions. More >>