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Customer Service
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Control Cable

Control Cable Control Cable

With a line of products including multi-conductor flat jacketed, parallel bonded, TC, SEOW, and portable cord, our control cables are perfect for just about anything you need. From auto and agriculture construction, to RVs and boats, to aerial platforms and fork lift trucks, to repairing power tools, we’ve got you covered.

Flat Jacketed Multi-Conductor Flat Jacketed
Multi conductor flat jacketed cable is used in auto, truck, agriculture construction, and light marine applications. It is also known as brake cable and is used in applications of 50 volts or less. More >>
Control Cable Parallel Parallel Bonded
Designed for RVs, boats, and utility trailers. For use at 50 volts or less. More >>
TC Control Cable TC
For aerial and work platforms, fork lift trucks, and other maintenance equipment. Arctic-grade neoprene, flame-retardant jacket. Jute or nylon fillers with mylar binder. More >>
For aerial and work platforms, fork lift trucks, and other maintenance equipment. TPE jacketed. Propylene filler with paper wrap. More >>
Control Portable Cord Portable Cord
General purpose power supply cord for repair of power tools, battery chargers and other electrical equipment. More >>
Plugs Plugs
Male and female three conductor plugs for use with portable cord. More >>

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