Professional Grade

Professional grade tester designed for frequent use in severe environments. Testers are microprocessor controlled and capable of delivering 120 amp load tests. Each unit is designed to test flooded and AGM batteries in various states-of-charges. Testers 64 character, 4 line LCD screen will store the last 150 tests in memory and can be be used with an optional PR-12 infrared printer, or can be linked to a computer. Reverse polarity protection, durable metal case with rubber insulator boot.

  • BVA-230 tests single 12V batteries and includes standard clamps 

  • BVA-260 tests single 12V batteries and includes side terminal smart clamps, USB port and built-in infrared battery temp sensor with

  • BCT-200J is designed for heavy truck applications and can test up to 4 batteries in 12V or 24V (parallel or series) includes voltage drop test leads, displays alternator amperage and starter current

  • 200DTP is BCT-200J with carrying case, printer and alternator adaptor studs

  • 200DTK is BCT-200J with carrying case, computer adaptors and alternator studs

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  Description Part No.
Battery/Elec System, Load Tester BVA-230
Battery/Elec System, Load Tester Smart Clamps                 BVA-260
Heavy truck Batt/Elec System/Load/Drop Volt Tester  BCT-200J
BCT-200J Tester and Printer Kit  200DTK
BCT-200J Tester and Computer kit 200DTP
Infrared 12V Printer for Handheld Chargers  PR-12








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