Automotive Battery TesterMicroprocessor

Microprocessor testers are Auto Meter’s newest generation, top of the line testers which incorporate Battery Council International (BCI) test criteria into an automated process. This test equipment is rated for automotive and heavy duty truck applications. Through simple navigation of the interface screen end users are prompted to enter battery status information (battery CCA rating, type and temperature), which then triggers the unit to automatically apply appropriate load and define test results.


  • Features two separate menus for automotive and heavy duty truck applications

  • Delivers up to 400 amp automated load to accurately test 6v and 12v batteries rated up to 1600 CCAs

  • Evaluates heavy duty truck electrical systems with the ability to test four (4) batteries at a time

  • Voltage drop testing for starting/charging, magnetic switch, lift-gate and stinger cable circuit tests

  • Tests and provides alternator amperage output and starting current draw test results

  • Performs a two (2) minute preventative maintenance evaluation to quickly isolate electrical issues

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  Description Part No.
Automatic Battery Electrical System, Load/Drop Tester BVA-2100



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