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FRANKSVILLE, WI (May 14, 2012) Summer means fun in the outdoors but it also means storms and power outages.

Whether used during a power outage or for recreational purposes, deep cycle batteries connected  to power inverters have become more important today than ever before, Keeping furnaces and sump pumps running is essential in some situations. Our daily lives demand staying connected to our computers, appliances and other electronic devices. Though there are alternatives such as generators, portable power packs and other backup systems, battery powered sine wave inverters are a simple, inexpensive back-up power solution. 


Inverters are available in a wide range of capacities from small 75 watt compacts to larger inverters with capacities greater than 2,500 watts. Choosing the right inverter will ensure that your appliances and electronics will run properly and effortlessly. Two of the most popular types of inverters are pure sine wave and modified sine wave Inverters. The difference between the two is the pure sine wave inverters will give you the cleanest output while the modified sine wave inverters will be less costly. Most power tools, lighting and small appliances will work well with a modified sine wave inverter of the right power capacity but if you have critical electronics like computers, televisions, etc., you may need a pure sine wave inverter for better performance.


Quick Cable has seven inverter models ranging from 150 watts to 2,500 watts. Our inverter line is heavy-duty, engineered and manufactured with the highest quality components and built to commercial specifications for maximum performance and reliability.


Before you decide to purchase a power inverter, consider the following:

  • What type of electronics/appliances will be powered from the inverter?
  • What is your expected run time on battery power?
  • How many batteries in your back-up system?
  • What is the power rating of the inverter (expressed in watts)?
  • Will the size of the inverter be able to handle the power load of your appliances?


For more information on Quick® Inverters, visit Quickcable.com.


About Quick Cable Corporation:

Quick Cable (quickcable.com) is the leading manufacturer of connectors, cable, cable assemblies, and tools for the energy storage industry. It is a DC (Direct Current) specialist. Quick Cable components, assemblies, and systems are used wherever high performance and reliability are critical, in power generation, renewable energy, transportation, farm, construction, logistics, and aviation. Quick Cable battery enclosures, racks and containment systems, together with related battery maintenance and safety products, assure the safe and optimal use of energy storage. Quick Cable is headquartered in Franksville, Wisconsin, with manufacturing plants in Franksville and Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario.



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