Quick Cable Introduces QuickBox™ Battery Boxes

May 27, 2010

Safety and Instructional Videos Online

Franksville, WI -- Quick Cable Corporation announced the release of the a new battery box catalog featuring the new QuickBox™ brand. Redesigned and engineered by Quick Cable, the QuickBox™ line supersedes the StrongBox™ line with more sizes, more features and a new Sportsman's Series Battery Box for the outdoors.

The QuickBox™ catalog features 24 pages of product description, photos, and a unique, easy-to-use application guide to help choose the right size battery box.

The QuickBox™ line has been completely redesigned starting with a new polypropylene copolymer that is tough in cold weather and impervious to acid, gasoline, oil and solvents. The new QuickLock™ cover is easy-on and easy-off. Wider, larger cable ports allow for better cable access. The QuickBox™ also comes with safety warnings that are molded into the cover in three languages. Newly designed mounting holes in the handles provide more mounting options.

The QuickBox™ line of battery boxes is compatible with more battery group sizes and styles than any other brand on the market. Also new is the Sportsman's Series, available in Group 24 or adjustable size for Groups 24, 27 and 31. The new Battery Box Catalog is available by visiting www.quickable.com or by calling (800) 558-8667 to request a copy.

For safety reasons, the U.S. Coast Guard mandates the use of battery boxes in marine applications. Because of the importance of safety, several brief instructional videos showing how to properly install QuickBoxes are available at QuickHowTo.com. The videos are available 24/7. The website also hosts dozens of other videos on other battery related products and accessories.

Quick Cable Corporation is the leading manufacturer of battery connectors, battery cables, battery accessories, electrical storage and connectivity solutions. For over 50 years Quick Cable has been innovating the battery industry with advancements in product design, better materials and a commitment to quality at every phase of production. Quick Cable is headquartered in Franksville, Wisconsin, with manufacturing plants in Franksville and Mississauga, Ontario.

Duane Cziok
Marketing Manager
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