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Customer Service
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Marine applications are tough. Vibration becomes pounding. A little moisture can turn into a flood of sea water. Heat and sweltering go hand-in-hand and the air alone makes things rust. Sounds like a perfect place to find Quick Cable. Boat builders and service techs look to Quick Cable for marine-spec battery cable and wire that features tin plating over the copper for corrosion resistance.  Our marine terminals and clamps along with heavy-duty heat shrink with meltable sealant are essential, and so is our line of battery boxes, trays, and hold-downs. Equipment in boats has to fit tight, crowded places and perform in situations folks on dry land cannot imagine. Unless they work here.

Marine Connectors

Our marine terminals come with either 5/16" or 3/8" studs and are offered in tin plated brass, epoxy coated lead or plain lead.  They're polarity specific and meet U.S. Coast Guard regulations.  More >>

Heat Shrink

Every quality wire and cable connection deserves heat shrink protection.  Basic heat shrink helps keep out contamination and provides strain relief to the joint.  More >>

Battery Boxes

Quick Cable is your most extensive resource for battery boxes for any application--from wheelchairs to tugboats, from bass boats to standby and renewable power systems.  More >>

Battery Chemicals

Quick Cable makes it easy to keep batteries and connections clean and protected with a variety of spray cleaners, neutralizers, protective gaskets, and protectors/sealers.  More >>

Cable and Wire

Marine Wire and Cable starts with the same 100% copper wire as our regular offerings, but is also tin plated to resist corrosion.  From 6 to 4/0 gauge.  More >>

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