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Franksville, WI - Home grown talent was the theme of the day for the latest Quick Cable commercial. When our marketing department decided to launch a spring and summer Rescue™ campaign, we felt a video was absolutely necessary to really "sell" the idea that Rescue™ Jump Packs are truly an outdoor companion to good times. Visually and audibly, this video needed to be light in nature, fun and most of all had to emphasize the abundant possiblities that come with owning a Rescue™ Jump Pack. Our script evolved and after several auditions with highly qualified voice over talent, the light bulb went off: Why not sing the script. There was only one problem, who would sing and play the newly composed "Plug-in" song. That's when Andy Schonert stepped up to the plate, er mic? By day, Andy is an Account Manager for Battery Distribution. By night, he is an aspiring singer-songwriter and guitarist. It was a perfect fit, especially because Andy is a huge fan of the man in black himself, Johnny Cash. It took just a few takes for Andy to lay the track down here at Quick Cable's Studio 109 and the rest is history. So the next time we tell you we put together a little video for you, you can be sure WE did. Enjoy and good selling!

Andy Schonert, Account Manager is featured in the latest Quick Cable Commercial

Andrew Schonert, Account Manager for Quick Cable is featured on the latest Quick Cable Commercial.