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TDL Electronics Converts El Camino into an All-Electric Powered Vehicle

With the help of Quick Cable, Tom Leitschuh and his crew at TDL Electronics were successful at building their first all-electric conversion vehicle. Built from a 1981 El Camino, this vehicle is no token electric vehicle. With speeds capable of exceeding 75 MPG and drivable up to 200 miles without a recharge, this all electric conversion is a viable alternative to gas guzzling vehicles. Using Quick Cable 4/0 welding cable and 4/0 MagnaLug Straight and Elbow connectors, Leitschuh was able to connect the front and rear lithium battery trays to maximize output.

Tom Leitschuh, President of TDL Electronics and John Shannon, CEO and President of Quick Cable inspecting the Electric El Camino

Tom Leitschuh, President of TDL Electronics and John Shannon, President & CEO of Quick Cable inspect Electric El Camino.

TDL Electronics and Quick Cable are both based out of Franksville, Wisconsin making this a truly local endeavor. Kudos to Leitschuh and everyone at TDL Electronics for seeing the vision and making it reality!

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