"Battery Acid Spill Cleanup" video will guide you through the entire process of cleaning up a battery acid spill. Filmed and produced by Quick Cable Corporation, this video is the only full length acid spill training video available online. Made as part of the Material Handling Video Series, "Battery Acid Spill Cleanup" video is a comprehensive look at the proper procedures your employees should follow in the event of an acid spill.

This video should be used as part of a comprehensive training program for all employees and personnel that work near and around sulfuric acid or where there is a risk of contact with sulfuric acid. (Otherwise known as battery acid and electrolyte.) 

For more video on material handling and other battery related topics, visit QuickHowTo.com.

Quick Cable offers a variety of spill kits, battery care chemicals and personal protective wear kits designed especially for sulfuric acid leaks and spills.

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