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Quick Cable is the leading manufacturer of battery cables, battery connectors and battery accessories in North America. As a custom cable provider we are able to provide solutions for all your connectivity needs. Quick Cable is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

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Custom Cable Testimonial


A rail and service equipment manufacturer had a heavy duty power cable requirement of specialized cables that varied in length from 3 feet to 50 feet long. The manufacturer required that certain cables be able to be plugged and unplugged in production and in the field.


From the moment we learned about the customer's needs, our team of engineers worked with the customer's technical drawings, our operations team set a production schedule and Quick Cable was able to provide a viable solution:

The use of flexible cable with industrial power connectors for easy, polarized interconnections. Efficient handling solutions by spooling the longer cable for easier transporting and handling.


Quick Cable was able to produce mass quantities of custom cable at a reasonable cost. In addition to providing an excellent cabling solution, we've been able to meet the continued demands of the customer by producing cables with short lead times.

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