Quick® Emergency Eye & Skin Wash #510520

Fast personal eye and skin wash when acid spill threatens eyesight. Ideal for battery delivery trucks, field repairs, etc. Available with wall mount holder or as refill. Its a go-anywhere emergency response eye and skin wash solution.

16 oz. (473 ml) eyewash in durable, quick opening, quick pour plastic bottle.

Sterile, isotonic, double-buffered eyewash and skin flush. Manufactured under FDA guidelines, with National Drug Code printed on every bottle.

ANSI Z358.1-2007 compliant, as personal eyeswash only.

Wire wall mount is vibration resistant, has durable black coating, comes with fasteners, and is ideal for delivery and service trucks.

Plastic wall mount (not shown) is ideal for battery charging  station, battery service area, warehouse, etc.

Instructions and MSDS enclosed

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