"70,000 Eye-Related Injuries on the Job Each Year Cost American Business Owners $450 Billion"

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

The statistics are staggering. Even more staggering, 20% of all eye injuries are caused by contact with chemicals. These injuries not only affect your employees' health and well-being but your bottom line as well. A good safety program implemented at your place of employment will pay dividends in the long run but when prevention isn't enough, look to our line of Emergency Eye Wash Stations.

Our Emergency Eyewash Stations won't prevent chemical contact but will help ensure that the injury is treated immediately, reducing the risk of long term damage.

Portable Eyewash Station #510500

Provides a steady waterflow and first aid relief virtually anywhere. Meets OSHA  & ANSI 2358.1 standard requirements for a full 15 minute capacity of flushing.

Constructed of FDA high-density polyethylene material; Wide fill cap for easy filling, cleaning and inspecting; Antibacterial additive for use in eyewash station protects water up to six months.

Easily bolts ot wall and Manufactured in the USA.

Anti-Bacterial Refill

See Quick® Emergency Eye & Skin Wash System

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