One Gallon Battery Acid Spill Kit

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For single battery use such as sweeper/scrubber, aerial platforms, and other commercial equipment. Ideal for battery storage areas, delivery and service vehicles. Designed to absorb and neutralize up to one gallon/4 liters of battery acid.

Polymer absorber is safe and non-hazardous.

Absorbs and neutralizes battery acid (sulfuric electrolyte). Color change shows when acid has been neutralized and is safe for dispose. Twice as absorbent as kitty litter, which absorbs but does not neutralize.

Having an OSHA compliant spill kit readily available will improve the safety level of protection of employees working at spill clean up operations.

OSHA 1926.441 & 1910.173

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Content of Kit:

Acid Absorber and Neutralizer

1 pair Nitrile acid-proof gloves

1 pair safety glasses

2 disposal bags

1 pair paddles

Instructions & MSDS sheets

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