Acid Spill Absorber & Neutralizer

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Acid Spill Absorber and Neutralizer for Battery Acid Spills

  • Absorbs and neutralizes acid
  • Color change shows when acid is neutralized and safe
  • Twice as absorbent as kitty litter (clay)

Battery Protectors® Acid Spill & Neutralizer is specifically formulated to absorb and neutralize battery acid, with color change to show when acid is neutralized and safe for disposal.

Ideal for acid drip pans, its safe and non-hazardous. Sweeps up clean and dry, is not dusty like kitter litter or clay.

Our absorber comes in a durable, easy to store container with a resealable lid.

Comes with complete instructions and MSDS.

See OSHA 1926.441 & 1910.173

Why is our absorber the best?

Quantities Available

Battery Protectors® Acid Spill Absorber and Neutralizer is now available in 4 sizes:

  • 1 lb.in a pint jar
  • 8 lb. in a 1 gallon container
  • 25 lb. in a 5 gallon pail
  • 160 lb. in a 30 gallon drum

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