Battery Acid Spill Kits

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Our indusrial strength Battery acid spill kits come in two sizes - 3 gallon or 12 gallon spill. Kits come with Polymer Absorber as well as safety wear, brush, pan, disposal bags and full instructions.

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12 Gallon/44 Liter Spill Kit #510190

Kit includes polymer absorber that is safe and non-hazardous. Absorbs and neutralizes battery acid (sulfuric electrolyte). Color change shows when acid has been neutralized and is safe for disposal. Twice as absorbent as kitty liter, which absorbs but does not neutralize.

Includes instructions and MSDS

Contents of Kit includes acid-proof gloves, shoe covers, apron, safety goggles, disposal bags, broom brush, pan.

3 Gallon/11 liter Spill Kit #510191

Kit includes 25 lbs/11.3 kg Polymer Absorber

Safety wear for 1 person (shoe covers, gloves, goggles, apron)

Brush, pan, Plastic disposal bag

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