Black Battery Reconditioner/Glass Cleaners

Our Black Battery Reconditioner restores your battery to its original look. Formulated to adhere to battery plastics and metal, its ideal for automotive, truck and industrial batteries.

Black Battery Reconditioner #510440

Fast drying formula in a fan spray nozzle for easy application and uniform coverage. When dry ,the paint finish resembles gloss of original molded plastic.

Net weight 12 oz. (340 grams) per can




Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner with Ammonia #510455

Cleans glass, windshields, mirrors, countertops, chrome and stainless steel. Removes oil, grease, salt, spray, road grime, tar and bug residue.

Do NOT use on plastic, rubber or tinted windows.

Net weight 18.75 oz. (531 grams)


Plastic and Glass Cleaner Non-Ammonia  #510450

Fast-acting foam action does not run and leaves no film or streaks.

All purpose plastic and glass cleaner. Cleans and brightens new batteries for sales; Safe, mild acid neutralizer and safe for plexiglass adn all tinted window film.

Net weight 18.75 oz. (531 grams) per can

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