Battery Protective Washers

Quick Cable's Protective Washers seal out acid fumes protecting terminals from corrosion, Our brand, Battery Protectors™ Washer is impregnated with a corrosive preventative that will not evaporate.

Washers available in Red or Black for easy polarity identification. Packaging comes in covenient screw top jars, plastic bags and blister cards.

A. Side Terminal Washer #6621

B. Top Post Washer #6622

C. Combo Top/Side Washer #6623

D. Marine/Golf Cart Washer 3/8" #6626

E. Marine/Golf Cart Washer 5/16" #6628B

Battery Washers come in the following counts:

1pr/Bag - 50 Bag/Bag (styles A, B, C)
1pr/Card - 24 Card/Box* (style C only)
50pc/Jar - Black or Red (styles A, B, C)
100pc/Jar - Black or Red (all styles)
100pc - 12 Jars/Case Black or Red (styles A, B, D, E)

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