Cleaning and Neutralizing a Battery

Produced by Quick Cable®, this video shows how to properly use our battery cleaner and neutralizer. Battery Protectors™ is Quick Cable's own line of Battery Care Chemicals specifically formulated for industrial and material handling equipment.

Complete Program of Battery Care Chemicals & Safety

Battery Protectors™ is more than just a line of chemical products. Its a complete chemical and safety program of battery cleaners, battery protective sprays and coatings, acid detectors, neutralizers and absorbers.  We offer our brand in aerosol or trigger spray, large or small quantities, based on your need.

Unique Chemical Formulations

Our new battery care chemical program offers professional products like our clear silicone protective spray sealant, our non-running red protective spray, and our acid absorber that indicates and neutralizes acids and is twice as light but also twice as absorbant as the traditional products. No one else offers this unbeatable combination.

See the Complete Battery Care Chemical and Safety Progam

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