Quick Cable develops, manufactures, and sells battery and electrical connectors, cable, tools and related products for commercial and industrial equipment which is battery-started, battery-powered, or uses batteries to condition or store electric power. We are and will remain the market leader in North America, providing the best value and service available. We strive to be the most trusted and respected company in our industry.

Our Customers

We will provide quality products and services that give our customers the best value in the marketplace. We will be a single source for our product category. We will provide a business system where our customers can easily and quickly order, distribute and use our products.

Our People

We cultivate an environment of training, recognition and advancement for outstanding, dedicated individuals who share our mission and work together as a team. We value job security and workplace safety.

Our Relationships

We value our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, vendors, and the communities in which we operate. These relationships are based on integrity and trust. Our commitment to the environment will be reflected in our operating procedures and products.