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The RESCUE Jump Pack comes in 10 different models. Shown in this video was the RESCUE Model 1800.  For more information check out the RESCUE Catalog. This is the most versatile line of jump packs on the market. Check out RESCUE's standard features:

  • Battery Status MeterThe Rescue Jump Packs are the most versatile jump pack series on the market. Able to jump start cars, trucks, industrial equipment, aviation and ground support equipment.
  • Built-in work light/flashing safety light
  • LED clamp lights
  • Longest cables in the industry
  • DC power Source
  • Polarity indicators on each clamp
  • Safeguard audible signal and light
  • Tri-lingual operators manual
  • more features

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User Comments:

"My Jump Pack started 6 machines, the 6th being a 24-volt system, in 20-30 degree weather on a single charge and it was ready to start more! What we were using would only start 2 machines before needing to be recharged."

"This Quick Cable 2020 Jump Pack started the machines as soon as it was clamped on to the battery.  What we used to use took several minutes before being able to crank the engine."

"Had this for 4 months in a gas station I manage, use it a least twice a week, love it, enuff said."