How to Select the Best Acid Absorber and Neutralizer



Baking Soda or Soda Ash


Clay Absorber Neutralizer

 Acid Spill Absorber & Neutralizer by

Does it Absorb?       


Is a chemical salt, creates a hazardous wet paste

Absorbs less than 1 pound of liquid per pound of clay, creates a hazardous material Specially formulated polymer absorbs 2.5 pounds of liquid per pound of product
 Does it neutralize?


no color change 


no color change 

 YES, formulated color change polymer shows acid pH neutralized
 Color Change?  NO  NO  YES
 Is it safe?  NO, reactive splatter & heat, creates asphyxiating CO2 gas  UNCERTAIN  YES, specially formulated to neutralize sulfuric acid
 Clean-up & disposal  Wet paste crusts over, stains work surfaces & floor  Heavy and creates hazardous dust in clean-up Sweeps up clean and dry, does not create dust, Safe for disposal
 Best for safety & effectiveness  POOR  FAIR  BEST

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