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Battery Relocation Kits

If you've ever wondered "How do I relocate my battery?", then watch this video. Quick and easy step by step instructions show you how to do it right.


Strong Box™ Battery Box Installation

We demonstrate various ways to install the Strong Box™ Battery Boxes as well as highlight their new features.


How to Assemble and Mount a Non-Sealed Aluminum Battery Box

Step by Step Instructions on assembly and mounting


How to Select the Right Cable

Standard Battery Cable, Marine Cable, UL Welding Cable...Our name is Quick Cable® for a reason


Introduction to Marine Battery Cable

Watch an overview of our entire Marine Battery Cable line. UL® listed, our marine cable is the most reliable on the market.


RESCUE™ 3000: Battery Installation

This video demonstrates how to safely and quickly add a battery to the RESCUE™ 3000 Jump Pack. The only customizable jumpstarter on the market.


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