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Strong Box™ Battery Box Installation

This latest video from Quick Cable® demonstrates the various ways to mount the newly designed Strong Box™ Battery Box. WIth new mounting holes in the handle this box is designed with versatility in mind. Whether you use J hooks, L hooks, threaded rods, lag bolt or a strap and footman loops, you find this box the most versatile on the market.

Fits all Batteries

The Strong Box™ Battery Boxes is designed to fit all new orbital or spiral celled, deep cycle and high performance batteries. Currently this design style is made for Group Size 24 batteries.

New QuickLock™ Cover

The Easy-on/Easy-off cover keeps batteries safe and secure. At the same time removing the cover is fast and convenient. No tools are required to remove the cover.

New Tougher Material

The new Group Size 24 battery box is designed with a tough polypropylene material that makes it impact resistant to -30˚F (-34˚C) and heat stable to +200˚F (+93˚C). Designed for Marine applications as well, this box meets U.S Coast Guard Regulations 183.420 and ABYCE-10.7. In addition, its impervious to acid, gasoline, oil and solvents, it will not rust and is UV protected.

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